Make the Math Work

This site gives you a chance to see if a series of numbers, such as the time (12:35) can become an equation (1*2+3=5). Why you may ask? I'll let you know as soon as I find out the answer myself.

Note: This can't see equations combining numbers such as 1234 working out via 12/3=4 or 3811 being 3+8=11 (for now).

Single Number

Put in a number. See if the digits in the number can make an equation that equals the number's final digit.

See It In Action
Many Numbers

Put in a starting and ending number. It will check the # of successful equations for each number in the sequence

Take Me There
Single Number with Goal

Don't want the digits in a number to add up to the final digit? Now you can set what you want the equation to add up to.

Check it Out
Bulk Numbers with Goal

Put in a starting number, ending number, and goal. It will check the # of successful equations to reach that goal every number in the sequence.

See the Magic
Numbers Game

I'll give you a series of numbers, and you figure out the equation to get there.

Get Ready to Play