Kyle Scheer

This is my collection of stuff.

Jul, 2023

Elo Rankings Generator

Pairwise decision-making, generated based on user input. Life priorities example page.

Jun, 2023


A Wordle knockoff using dates from history.

Jul, 2022

The Toilet Paper Problem

Toilet paper can be deceptive. How much have you really used?

Mar, 2022

Estate Equitable Distribution Equations

How can we distribute an estate in an equitable way, using just an equation?

Jan, 2022

Creating a Tree of Knowledge

Visualizing Wikipedia's list of academic disciplines, to help answer the question: "What don't I know?".

Dec, 2021

Harry Potter Stats and Random Chapter Generator

Some charts analyzing the Harry Potter books, and also a random chapter generator for the books

Aug, 2021

The Numbers Game

Get some digits. Put in some symbols. Complete the equation.

Jul, 2021

Letters and Words

Some random tools where I play with letters and words.

Mar, 2021

Automate Your Finances

A simpler way to handle your money.

Nov, 2020

270 Game Guide

A far too in-depth guide on the 270 election game.

Jul, 2016

Event Combination Probability Calculator

A tool to find the theoretical (and experimental) probability of different combinations of independent events occurring.